Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday coffee in the backyard

sometimes it's nice to get up early on a sunday...(especially when you don't have to rush off anywhere).

Thursday, August 27, 2009

My creative space..& cocktails

'Ginger Bread Man' syrup raedy for the weekend..
during Design:Made:Trade i had the pleasure of spending a couple of days with Kirsty & on one of the last days she gave me a made-with-love cocktail 'care-package' of fresh limes, citrus vodka, cointreau & a homemade ginger syrup.
so when the fair was over i got out the fancy glasses - 'thornbury lawn bowls trophy' cup for me & 'burnley golf' for cj with palm tree swizzle sticks &...OMG that is the best cocktail EVER!
in preparation for the weekend i made a batch of the syrup last night & strained it this morning.
if a Ginger Bread Man cocktail appeals to you, the lovely hostess of 'my creative space' herself has posted the recipe on her blog:-)...gee she's good....

Friday, August 21, 2009


adidas mural on a Japanese wall in Tokyo
ooh! yes tooting my own horn but it's always nice to start the weekend (..well it's nearly 4 ?!) with an email (from Jeni of Oye Modern) to say that coolhunting .com had featured some of my jewellery on their blog!
one of the pieces they showed was the sneaker necklace (it's modeled on the sneakers that are thrown over powerlines...which i've always loved) & it reminded me of this picture that i took in Japan recently (it was huge, covered most of the 2 storey wall)
hope you have a good weekend!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

My creative space..

when i was in Japan i had a total creative epiphany.
when my little feet hit the floor back home it was going to be all toot toot to things other than jewellery - maybe some things with paper or drawings or ceramics, maybe shake the dust from the phone & do a collaboration?...well that was the theory anyway.
after a week or so the old routine returned & i kind of forgot what all of the fuss was & started to doubt the feelings that i had had.
well...consider this part 2 - kind of like an enthusiasm 'skipping stone' - i went & bought a casting kit from Barnes in Richmond & i'm going to give it a go to cast some things in polyurethane. it may not work - it may end up ugly but i'm going to try anyway.

ps. i think the silicon i bought is a little 'Cynthia plaster caster' - and as much as i'm into self discovery & trying new things, this is NOT the direction i am going to take..

for more creative spaces pop over to Kootoyoo..

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

pop can chair

image from JunkMailGems (from Minnesota!)
you know when you see something so beautiful you wanna cry?
well that's what i would have done if i'd found these (one of 2) tin can chairs in an oppy, they even have crocheted seats! bless...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

the god of small fondue sets..

it was only last night that we were planning a fondue night & lamenting the lack of the 3 pots we'd need (i hadn't heard of the oil one before and frankly it's a little disturbing..) & when i peeked through the oppy window there is was!
maybe it was a birthday prezzie from the FondueGods? (that was why i had a day off today!)
then i walked into the next one & there was another set of forks! jeesh - how lucky is that?
(maybe it could be another theme night?)
ps thanks for the birthday wishes! i'm off to dinner now - i have my good dress on!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

ring ring why don't you give me a call? (or these other lovely shops..)

teacup ring $66
tea bag ring $66
spoon ring $66
peg ring $66
nice biscuit ring $66

fork ring $66

iron maiden ring $66
ball of wool ring $77
'morning tea' set $175

(at last) i've updated the website & you can now buy the rings online! they are sterling silver & can be stacked next to each other (like the 'morning tea' set...maybe you could wear the iron maiden+peg ring with the 'washing day' necklace?).
these ones are all size N1/2 but if you want them resized i'm happy to do that at no cost for the next little while...
i'm also very pleased to say that there are a couple of melb stores that now carry some of the designs - Monk House, Meet me at Mike's, Corky Saint Clair & very soon at Local Shop in northcote...& thanks for the positive feedback!

(also special thanks to Michi Girl for posting the 'morning tea' set the other day:o))

Monday, August 10, 2009

my weekend:Ponyo-the easy bits...

beginning of the jigsaw...just the blue & grey bits to go..

ahhh Ponyo!
i know there are plenty of Studio Ghibli fans & me too...
cj & i planned a japanese-themed night - so we started our new jigsaw (while watching Porco Rosso), had cups of warm sake & teriyaki chicken for dinner then a bit of umeshu plum wine for dessert...(a last minute purchase at the tokyo glad that i found some room for the wine in my already over-the-weight-limit luggage!)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pander to the Pandas...

found this Panda light the other day in a cheapy imports shop - it was instant love (maybe separation issues form a long lost Wombles light?) as soon as i flipped the tummy-switch (maybe you can just make it out?) it was instant happy room...