Friday, October 30, 2009

surry with a fringe on top...

..i think i mean that i'm the Surry..this is my fringe on top.
i love an occasion to frock up & to get a bit crafty (with something other than metal!) so i've tried my hand at a little bit of 'fancy headband work'.
Tomorrow we're off to Derby Day (part of melbourne's racing season) & this year i bought a whole lot of ribbon from Clegs & went crazy on a headband.
I don't get into betting (i've never even lined up at the window!) & i've never seen a live race even though we're about 200m from the track :0 but i love the people we go with & it's fun to see everyone dressed up to the nines (until about 5 o'clock when the collective a little off the rails..)
hope you have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

say it with flowers..

the clever clogs cj has just updated the home page with a photo of the new 'say it with flowers' necklace! (the yellow flowers are weeds from the front nature strip & the green leaves are from a pretty anonymous plant in the back yard:-) ) feels like my little one is all grown up!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

(if you love somebody) set them free...

i've always really really loved inchworms, you know, the ones that move like a squeeze-box? I love them in the same way i love ladybirds & hot air balloons, they slow down time, i have to stop what i'm doing just for the moment we're together. Too much?
So when i spotted a little caterpillar on the back of a commuter's collar, i had a moral duty to save it.
So i coaxed her off the collar & then had to juggle Inchy (she was a fast mover!), my computer bag & my always overstuffed handbag while getting my ticket out & moving through train station crowds.

But where do you deliver a caterpillar in the city? Thank goodness that the church still has a garden going! i found a tree & popped Inchy on the trunk & that's where we parted...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

finders keepers...

this morning i bought some plane tickets for cj & i to go up to Sydney for Finders Keepers Markets!
i'm very excited:-), i really enjoyed FK last time & got to meet some people i'd only known online & some that i've exhibited with before & some that i already knew (but lovely to see a familiar melbourne face!)
so if you're in sydney on dec 4th & 5th, then please mark it in your diary & come & say hello (it would be lovely to meet you Lexi!)

Monday, October 26, 2009

pushing up roses...

i can't take any credit for this rose - cj just spotted it in the garden on a withered & tucked away rose plant - unpruned, unwatered...but resilient!
i kind of forget why roses are so popular, (too many laura-ashley-in-the-80s images to fight through) but when i'm near one of the old ones, the scent is so good, it's even worth the vicious prickle war wounds...& please excuse me now while i de-thorn my thumb...

Friday, October 9, 2009

semi-permanent (so better be quick!)

the lovely frankie counter-girls, jo walker & louise bannister

to celebrate the launch of their beautiful new book 'the photo album', Frankie is displaying some of the included photos at 1000 pound bend ('pound' should be a symbol - is that on my keyboard?).
the gallery space is at the back of the cafe - so why not pop around & grab a coffee at the same time? (it's at 361 little lonsdale st melb)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

cute or creepy?

i'm all into cute..but when i went to have some eggs this morning, colour me surprised to see a pack of faces smiling at me..
now i'm no farmer, but i'm pretty sure eggs are a 'romantic candlelight dinner' away from being baby chickens - is it a little creepy? (spose popping a little plastic beak on would be worse...)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

My creative space..

My creative space today was spent tidying.
boring but necessary
my studio is TINY (probably should have written that smaller not bigger) so when i get a little distracted by fun things i don't notice the chaos i leave in my wake & then this small space gets even squishier.
as i was putting some things away on a high shelf, i looked down to see that the chair & i were wearing matching outfits...*avoiding eye contact, she grabs her drink & moves to the other side of the room*

At necklace has come along...

finished!!..but not polished
polished front view
polished back view
this is what the pendent it is modeled on..
with a bit of foliage (i forgot to bring flowers in!)
ahh..such a nice feeling to finish something new!
it only took a few days but cause i could only get to it every so often it feels like ages!
i scored a groove in the base to that i could recess a small silk bow - red is what i had but i'm not sure of the final colour, maybe people could choose their own?
last night, as i was walking home from the station, i grabbed some yellow flowers (well...weeds actually) & threaded them into the silver & they looked so beautiful. i'm also loving the thought of being able to pick a sprig of jasmine (i better be quick tho cause i think their season is nearly over!) & carrying that scent all day.
happy happy happy!