Friday, June 25, 2010

Granny Goodness available in the shop!

Granny square necklace in dark blue & light blue last the granny square necklaces are available to buy online!
I'm so proud of these pieces, i especially love them because each one reminds me of my very talented & generous friend, Kirsty (of kootoyoo) who hand-crocheted the first one & now each of her stitches (hooks?) is preserved in silver.
& they also remind me of my mum who has had a stash of wool/hooks/& squares next to the armchair (near the telly) for as long as i can remember.
If you're interested in seeing how this piece got started then you can have a look here, here, here & here!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

morning Ralph...morning Sam..

...bearing a striking resemblance to our former Prime Minister
well, the bundy clock has been punched & our Milky-Bar-Kid has stood down..
& we have our first female Prime Minister!!!!!!!
onya Julia :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

First pics of the new studio!

Proud proud moment :)
so here it is!
there's a lot to do in the next few weeks (i'm actually a bit terrified) but every time i visit the new studio it makes me happier & happier :)

It's part of a set of offices (1970s?) which are pretty anonymous but i TOTALLY love them, i think cause they remind me of a cross between the cute shops in japan (if you really squint, hehe, maybe even close your eyes) & the office my dad worked from in the 80s...funny how those things are comforting.
can you see the similarities???? like twins
image from here

...and if you really squint you can see the Mattt Bags sign a little way down the road (if you haven't visited his shop yet then you should go & have a look, it's just beautiful!
...more pictures soon
PS. & i just realised that you may not know that there are loads of brilliant shops along this street including Cottage Industry (i'm wearing some of Pen's gloves this cold cold morning), Little Salon and Cutler & Co!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

sometimes i drink tea as an excuse to eat biscuits..

Tea for 3

It's tea's all round at our house with cj's lovely mum visiting from Cairns (a bit of a climate shock but she's coping well) English Breakfast before 4 & Rooibos after :)
Currently enjoying "future bake gluten free belgian bliss cookie"now that i've found a shop in Gertrude st Fitzroy that sells them :) (oooh, just when i looked them up I found out that they are in Collingwood! ahh...unintentionally keeping it local)

and speaking of Gertrude's been a very eventful couple of weeks where i got to learn the joys of signing a commercial lease!
so after 7 years of being in the Century Building in melb i'll be moving..aarggg! ...but in this new place i get to share with some lovely ladies and have central heating - two things that i think will make work very exciting :)
photos soon