Wednesday, October 26, 2011

what i've been making..

the start of something new & limited edition..can you guess what it is from this pic?
it's my foray into homewares & this prototype silver & steel candle stick is bound for my table at home. starting the setting that will hold the candle (here are the sides & base)
now that they are soldered, i add another setting which will hold the silver & steel together with a 'cold join' (those 2 metals will not join with solder).almost finished the silver more thing..a spike for the candle!
because this one is for me, i've carved a detail in the top but only some of the ones i plan to make will have this - most will be plain i think.Engine part & setting waiting to be assembled. This piece came from a 1938 Ford engine & is BEAUTIFUL! it even has 'Ford' written in cursive on the base *sigh*starting to set the steel into the silver - i used a rivetting hammer for this job beacause it's tiny proportions were good for the strange angle it had to be held/hit on. (the same technique used for this repair a while ago)
Hopefully i'll have some finished pics tomorrow!
it's now tomorrow! i thought i'd add these pics here instead of a new post:)
the setting needs a lot of cleaning up to disguise the push-marks so here it is being polished..the beautiful base! see how it says 'Ford'? wow.finished! ..the test model at least. The next one i make will be much plainer & will going back to the man who gifted these engine parts to me in the first place - omg i think i've made a man-gift!
& then i'll only have 6 left to make for the shop - if you'd like one please let me know:) they'll be $250 each.


Vic said...

I love the base; & I love the way you can just magically skip through time like that... ;)

Lord Coconut said...

Great! I love the use of the old car part.

Piece could even suit an exhibition I'm running in January on Australia as the Ford logo is a classic piece of Australian history.

Carmen @ Forgotten Fancies said...

Hello, I found your blog by accident and am now absolutely in love with it! I love the idea that it is made from an engine part.

earl and cookie said...

hi Vic - yes! thy are the most beautiful steel parts, it is a great feeling being able to put them into use again:)

Lord Coconut hello!that sounds great, i'd love it if you'd consider including this in your Australian exhibition! thanks (i'll get in contact with you).

& Carmen! nice to meet you! funny how you can stumble across blogs & then in about 5mins know a whole lot about someone:)i just had a look at your blog, it looks really great!