Thursday, September 20, 2012

a jewellery Ode to Vali Myers

Tomorrow is a very exciting day for the team at Outre Gallery & the Vali Myers Trust because it sees the launch of a new book called 'Night Flower, The Life & Art of Vail Myers' by Martin McIntosh & Gemma Jones. As a huge admirer of Vali & her work, i was extremely happy to be invited, along with other artists, to make some work influenced by her. So here are the pieces that i have made for the launch & they'll be for sale on the night (& a few days after?). They are mostly based on 'Foxy', Vali's real-life fox companion that was with her for 12 years. Also, if you scroll down, there's some images of a special, limited edition necklace called 'Hello, Love' It's a power talisman named after the phrase i heard Vali greet people with. I imagine it would come in handy at a time when you're in an uncomfortable situation & then you can just slyly raise the pendent to your face & feel powerful again. And it's fun to know how you'd look with a bit of Vali face tattoo.
'Be the Fox' pin, silver, stainless steel & enamel
'Be the Fox' necklace, silver, stainless steel & enamel
3 fox necklaces inspired by Vali Myers
3 fox pins inspired by Vali Myers

'Sleeping Fox' pin, Sterling Silver & enamel

Detail of 'Giuliano Fox' necklace, sterling silver & enamel

'Giuliano Fox' pin & necklace on the image that inspired the design, 'Giuliano' by Vali Myers

'Giuliano Fox' pin, Sterling Silver & enamel
Detail of 'Giuliano Fox' with Vali's artwork

'Sleeping Fox' necklace, Sterling Silver & enamel
an inscription at the front of my treasured book about Vali Myers' work (21st bday present:))
'Hello Love' necklaces, Sterling Silver, limited edition of 50.
Vali, lovely Vali.

Making 'Hello Love' necklaces
almost finished (with little handle)

& here i am with the 'Hello, Love' necklace:)


sister outlaws said...

That "Hello Love" necklace is genius! Very beautiful! Surely we would all like to feel like we are Vali? At least sometimes?

thea said...

ooh yes, gorgeous... somehow make me think of fantasy lands & game of thrones ;0)