Monday, February 13, 2012

Less jewellery more cakes!!

Rin & Joe
i went to an amazing wedding on the weekend - so good in fact that i thought i'd share some pictures with you!
It was organised by my very good friend Pip Lincolne, who is one of the most capable & creative people i know, so when her daughter Rin & bf Joe decided to get hitched, Pip went into DIY action! there were pompoms in the trees, garden flowers in jars, lanterns, fresh pizzas coming out of the oven, live music & a wedding cake buffet! she had a team of loving people to help her & the place looked fantastic & if you'd like to see more pics, Pip has uploaded them to facebook & her blog.

Pip & Rinlook at the wedding cake! sooooo beautiful with 7 layers of colour! (& cute pompom toothpicks that i would like to put on everything now:))cake victory!
now to the wedding cake buffet table! a few people were asked to make cakes from the women's weekly birthday cake book - you know the one? maybe you had one of the cakes made for you as a kid? i really really wanted that book but i had to make do with the one my best friend had - i read it every time i visited! it was such a good idea to make the cakes a team effort - there were HOURS poured into each one & they were joyful & loving & delicious! so here are some of them - the final list was: Pink Elephant, Tea Party Cake, Rainbow Layer Cake, Heart Cake, Typewriter cake, Swimming Pool (!!!!), Chocolate Artist's Palate (cherry ripe flavour!) Yellow Chicken & the Fruit Tingle!

& all the cake-makers!
& here's a pic of me & my friend Jo (who made the Teaparty cake!)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

valentine's day special offer

i heart necklace 15% off until Feb 14th + other special offers too!
hello! have you had a good beginning to the year? i hope so - i've been laying low, making things but trying to plan things for the year too.
So, christmas has passed, now onto valentine's day huh? Well, it's always been a celebration fraught with mixed emotions for me, you too? I usually put blinkers on until the morning of the 14th then think 'it wouldn't hurt to do something a bit romantic today...' not that i need hallmark to tell me when to be lovey, or maybe i do? *shakes fist*
So to celebrate the love-season we've discounted the price of all heart-shaped pieces by 15% until Feb 14th!
So if you've ever had your heart set (ha!) on owning the 'i heart' necklace, 'two of hearts' earrings, 'little piece of my heart' necklace & ring or the new 'city lights' heart necklace then now's the time! Oh & you could pass this post onto your nearest as a bit of a hint:)